A Better Eurobodalla

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A Better Eurobodalla (ABE) is a community forum dedicated to achieving open, accountable and responsive government in our Eurobodalla region. We want to understand how government operates locally and how we and other residents can become involved to improve decision-making.

ABE wants to give community members a voice by publicising the issues that matter to you. We have a strong interest in how Eurobodalla Council operates at the local government level, but we are also interested in how NSW and Federal Government policies and programs affect our region.

The delay in local government elections means that the community has had an opportunity to think about and respond to the dramatic events of 2019-20 – the drought, the bushfires and COVID-19. How did government at all levels respond and how would we have wanted our elected representatives to have responded on our behalf?

NSW Local Government Elections deferred until 4th December – for further details see the What’s Happening page.

A Better Eurobodalla acknowledges the Yuin peoples, the Traditional Custodians and original inhabitants of the lands and waters of the Eurobodalla. We pay respect to the knowledge and traditions of the Yuin peoples and their unbroken ties to the country in which we live.

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