A Better Eurobodalla (ABE) is compiling a list of issues and concerns that have come out of our discussions across the community. ABE is researching issues that are of most concern to the community and approaching our elected government representatives and Eurobodalla Shire Council, to seek more information about how these issues have been dealt with and to lobby for better outcomes for our region. For example, this could mean genuine consultation with residents, more transparent processes of government or a review of their decisions.
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Examples of issues that have emerged are:

  • The lack of available information and community consultation on the controversial and costly redesign of the Mackay Park sports complex
  • The need for a Level 4 Hospital to be constructed in the Eurobodalla. Council has a role in advocating to NSW State and Federal Governments to ensure our region’s health care needs are met. Visit the One Eurobodalla Hospital facebook page to learn more
  • The consultation process and planning decisions relating to the proposed Moruya Bypass by Transport for NSW
  • Eurobodalla Council’s response to the 2019/20 Bushfire Emergency
  • Reclassification and sale of public reserves by Council
  • Lease or sell-off of public assets, including the Batemans Bay Community Centre and the Narooma & Batemans Bay Visitor Centres
  • Community Participation: Since July 2019 Eurobodalla Council no longer live-streams the Public Forum Session of council meetings, compromising a key part of community participation in council processes.
  • Flaws in local government process, particularly surrounding the LEP (Local Environment Plan) and RLS (Rural Lands Strategy). Eurobodalla council have failed to address the concerns and advice of 5 state government agencies, including the RFS, and the concerns of the community.
  • Effective and inclusive community consultation by Councillors
  • Voting in the Eurobodalla Council elections by non-resident ratepayers. There has previously been a low voter turnout by non-resident ratepayers, who are entitled to one vote per property but must first register with Council to be able to vote in the council elections. Consequently, ABE will provide relevant information as it becomes available to non-resident ratepayers about the processes and associated deadlines for voting in the 2021 Eurobodalla council elections.

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