What’s Happening…


Recently ABE has started meeting with prospective candidates for the September 2021 council election. We invite all prospective candidates to meet with us so we can explain what ABE is doing in the lead up to the election and what our community engagement is telling us about what is important to the people of Eurobodalla. We will report on all these meetings in our newsletter and on the website.


ABE has been distributing flyers across Eurobodalla to inform non-resident ratepayers of their eligibility to vote in the September 2021 council election. Distributing this information at markets across the shire has given us a great opportunity to listen to residents and ratepayers about what is important to them. Interestingly most non-resident ratepayers were unaware of their right to one vote per property and the need to register with council to exercise that right. More information at : https://abettereurobodalla.org/voting-information-2/voting-information/


ABE is publishing all sent and received correspondence on our website at https://abettereurobodalla.org/our-letters-to-council-and-their-replies/. ABE has been writing to Eurobodalla Shire Council on a number of issues and has received replies. We will be following up and reporting on the issues as they emerge. Email us with any comments at https://bettereurobodalla.wordpress.com/contact-us/.