ABE is not supporting or behind individual candidates or candidate tickets for the 2021 Eurobodalla Shire Council election – we are non-aligned. This page will be updated progressively as more candidates are declared for the Eurobodalla local government election.

ABE started monitoring candidates by writing to all current Eurobodalla Councillors in February 2021 asking if they intended to stand for election in 2021, and if so, whether they will be standing as part of a ticket? 

We interviewed Councillors Pollock and Mayne after receiving positive responses, but have not been able to confirm a meeting with Councillor Constable. As of the 1st June, there have been no announcements of any candidate ticket by Councillor Pollock. Mayor Innes and Councillor Brown were not able to confirm whether they would be nominating for election (as reported in our March newsletter), and ABE received no replies from Councillors Thomson, Nathan and Tait. Mayor Innes subsequently announced on 23rd June that she will not be contesting the 2021 Eurobodalla Council election.

Councillor McGinlay indicated that he would not be seeking re-election, advising ABE to contact the Eurobodalla Greens. The Eurobodalla Greens announced a ticket of 4 candidates on 30 April, with Alison Worthington as the lead candidate for Council. ABE interviewed the Eurobodalla Greens as indicated in our May newsletter, and further details are outlined below in the Confirmed Candidate Tickets section.  

Eurobodalla Labor announced a ticket of 6 candidates on 23 April, 2021, and have since been running stalls at markets and gatherings across the Shire. ABE interviewed the Eurobodalla Labor team as reported in our April newsletter. Further details are outlined below in the Confirmed Candidate Tickets section.  

Councillor Anthony Mayne has announced a ticket of 4 candidates, badged as The Mayne Team, with himself as lead candidate. More details below.

It is a positive contribution to democratic practice to announce their teams with plenty of time before the election, as Eurobodalla Labor, Eurobodalla Greens and Anthony Mayne have done. This enables the community to become familiar with candidates and their policies. More details below, together with links to relevant websites.

In summary, as of 14 July, the confirmed candidate tickets are from Eurobodalla Labor, the Eurobodalla Greens, The Mayne Team (Anthony Mayne) and Advance Eurobodalla, with other candidate tickets likely to be announced shortly.

Confirmed Candidate Tickets (as of 21 July 2021)

Eurobodalla Labor

Eurobodalla Labor has a ticket of 6 candidates for Councillor positions, and is also contesting the Mayoral election. The 6 candidates for Council are David Grace, Maureen Searson, Matt Findlay, Clare McAsh, Deirdre Russack and Jack Egan. David Grace is also contesting the Mayoral election. 

Eurobodalla Labor Candidates (L to R) : Jack Egan, Maureen Simpson, David Grace, Deirdre Russack, Clare McAsh and Matt Findlay

The three key election issues identified by Eurobodalla Labor in discussions with ABE were good governance including honesty and transparency; building genuine community partnerships; and improving the liveability of the shire for all age groups.

The Eurobodalla Labor website is at, and they also have a Facebook page at

Eurobodalla Greens

The Eurobodalla Greens have a ticket of 4 candidates for Councillor positions, and are also contesting the Mayoral election. The 4 candidates for Council are Alison Worthington, Nadine Hills, Kylie Ryder and Charlie Bell. Alison Worthington is also contesting the Mayoral election.

Eurobodalla Greens Candidates (L to R) : Kylie Ryder, Alison Worthington, Charlie bell and Nadine Hills.

​The three key election issues identified by Eurobodalla Greens in discussions with ABE were the need for Council to be more accountable to residents and ratepayers; improving the liveability of the Shire through creating safer, better connected and more resilient communities; and environmental responsibility by working with Council staff to take action on climate change.

The Eurobodalla Greens website is at, and their Facebook page is at

The Mayne Team (Anthony Mayne’s ticket)

The Mayne Team (L to R) : Michelle Hamrosi, Anthony Mayne, Karyn Starmer and Trevor Moore

The Mayne Team has four candidates: Anthony Mayne, Michelle Hamrosi, Karyn Starmer and Trevor Moore.

When ABE met with Councillor Anthony Mayne on 31 March he identified priority issues as improving transparency in Council decision-making and ways of conducting Council business; adopting best practice, informed development across the shire; and employment growth in Eurobodalla with a view to supporting jobs of the future.

The Mayne Team website is can be found at It contains information on the candidates their policies and recent media items.

Advance Eurobodalla

The Advance Eurobodalla ticket was announced in mid-July, with Mat Hatcher being identified as their Mayoral candidate. Their full candidate ticket consists of Mathew Hatcher, Amber Schutz, Laurence Babington, Natasha Coxon, Sandra Meek, Georgie Rowley and Charles Stuart (pictured below from L to R).

Key policies identified include retaining our unique & relaxed coastal character; protecting our much loved, unspoilt and precious environment; and facilitating job opportunities and housing affordability. Advance Eurobodalla’s full policy statement is available on the group website at: or

A Better Council (not affiliated with A Better Eurobodalla)

A Better Council ticket was announced in mid-July, with Tubby Harrison being identified as their Mayoral candidate and at the top of the Councillor ticket. Other candidates are Gary Smith, Jackilyn Rosevear and John Gillet.

A Better Council (L to R) : John Gillet, Tubby Harrison, Jackilyn Rosevear and Gary Smith.

Priority policies mentioned on their facebook page are open council with genuine public consultation and helpful staff; active lobbying for a Level 4 Hospital and local oncology radiation; and reduce Red Tape and encourage more affordable housing stock. Further details can be found on their A Better Council Facebook page.